Kenneth Coburn has extensive analytical and hands-on experience in marketing/sales, census development, strategic planning, operations and financial analysis. This experience was gained over more than 25 years, serving in hospital, nursing home and senior-housing executive-management positions, including serving as a consultant with a national CPA firm specializing in the senior-living industry.

Mr. Coburn’s career is distinguished through his entrepreneurial experiences, including forming a nursing home/senior-living management and acquisition company while serving as its Chief Financial and Acquisition Officer. Throughout many economic cycles Ken has studied and analyzed more than 200 projects in over 15 states. This has provided him with valuable insights and real-world perspective that has contributed to his expertise in designing and implementing effective and innovative solutions which facilitate the success of client projects. Mr. Coburn’s multi-faceted background provides him with broad expertise including identification of opportunistic acquisitions, start-up projects, developing marketing repositioning and census turnaround strategies, as well as experience with project financing including sale/lease back strategies, tax-exempt bonds and commercial financing.

Mr. Coburn’s consulting/advisory-services practice has grown to meet client demand for interim and multi-year management/marketing services, including providing asset-management services. Facility-management contracts have included single and multi-site assisted living facilities and a rental CCRC. Volunteerism has been a high priority throughout Mr. Coburn’s career. He has served on several facility and community boards and continues to donate his time and professional services to several non-profit organizations. Mr. Coburn’s educational background includes a B.S. in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, an M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration & Finance from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, as well as State of Florida CORE Training Certification.