Based upon Senior Living Industry research, it takes on average 20-25 leads to fill one independent living unit, and 10-15 leads to fill one assisted living unit. Therefore, in order to feel secure about gaining and maintaining 95%+ occupancy for your senior living community, it’s essential to have a leads base that has 20 to 25 times the number of vacant units in your community. To do so, you need to continuously work at bringing seniors into your community and to continue to reach out regularly to your lead base.

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Beyond our Enhanced Sales Traffic programs, we help our clients to orchestrate all of the following with great success:

Groundbreaking Ceremonies for new senior living communities

We will plan and work with you to orchestrate all details to design an elegant, successful event. Our events often bring crowds of anywhere from 250 to 750 out to new communities.

Construction Progress Parties

For new communities, a construction progress party is a great way to bring more traffic back to the site and to show off what you have accomplished. At this event, also designed to draw hundreds of qualified prospects to your community, you can tour potential residents through a sample apartment.

Grand Opening Events

After all the hard work is done, it’s time to show off your new community! We pull out all the stops to plan an event that can draw 500+ people to come visit your new community.

“Sneak Peek” for Renovations

If you are renovating your community, we can help you set up an event to show off what you’ve done! It’s a great way to once again generate significant traffic for your community.

Open Houses & Coffee Hours

It’s a great idea to regularly invite prospective residents in for coffee hours or a complimentary breakfast or lunch. This is a great way to both generate new leads, and to keep engaging with the current leads you do have.

In-House Entertainment & Educational Events

We can work with you to develop an ongoing program of events that will keep people coming to your community, thus growing your leads base and keeping your current leads base engaged! We’ll help you design and promote these events through direct and digital marketing, media placements and advertising, according to what is most appropriate for each event.

Let us work with you to continue to generate hundreds of new leads that you can turn into residents!