Why Choose The Roche Associates, Inc.?

  • We have 36 years of experience in achieving results for senior living and health care communities, and are widely recognized as national leaders in the field.

  • We specialize in turning around and filling communities despite challenging economic conditions.

  • We have achieved astounding results in every kind of economic climate, including filling communities at up to twice the national average fill-up rates.

  • We have helped our clients achieve and sustain 95%+ occupancy rates.

  • Our track record of success speaks for itself.

Diverse group, happy senior adult friends. Home or assisted living.

Additional Benefits of Retaining the Roche Associates
as a Marketing & Sales Consultant

A. Cost-Effective Promotion

The Roche Associates’ clients can gain valuable exposure to and the attention of thousands of prospective residents and their families by utilizing our tested “direct response” marketing techniques. In addition, priceless free publicity also can be generated by employing our effective public relations “tie-in” events. Plus, we offer customized market research that can help enhance sales and “effective educational programs” on senior living and health care topics that can be employed on an ongoing basis to create leads for future residents.

B. Better Time Management

Because of The Roche Associates’ full-service marketing capabilities, which include strong consumer demand research resources, you can continue to devote your attention to the development and management of services rather than expending precious time in trying to figure out how to maximize your sales. Also, your staff would have to spend years of trial and error efforts to reach the level of expertise and proficiency possessed by The Roche Associates in “direct response” marketing to prospective residents, their families and key referral sources.

C. Access To A Market Research Braintrust

The Roche Associates provides comprehensive quantitative and qualitative market research services that are customized to meet the unique requirements of a given client’s business situation. The Roche Associates’ understanding of what senior living residents want and what they consider frivolous can mean substantial savings by limiting unnecessary amenities and services for a planned senior living facility or an existing facility looking toward future renovation or expansion. Our research resources and knowledge base can set the stage for development of senior living community products that are more marketable. This applied knowledge comes from surveying over 50,000 existing residents and prospective residents of continuing care retirement communities, assisted living, and long-term care facilities throughout the country. All our data is analyzed in-house through the use of state-of-the-art statistical software which reduces turn-around time and allows us to design and format the research report to meet specific study objectives.

D. Marketing Success

The Roche Associates has managed numerous marketing campaigns for all types of retirement communities, nursing homes, congregate care facilities and assisted living facilities. These campaigns have resulted in higher private census, better public exposure, and greater name recognition for all its marketing clients. To date, The Roche Associates has participated in over 500 distinct marketing and planning campaigns for senior living communities and facilities.

E. Know How To Get The Job Done

The Roche Associates, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the senior living industry. Our company has been involved in planning, design, Certificate of Need approval, zoning sanctions, development, project management, financing or marketing of over 500 facilities whose total value exceeds $3.5 billion dollars. This experience and capability can provide tremendous economies of time, money, and resources throughout the planning, development, construction, and marketing phase of your project.

F. “Hands-On” Campaign Orchestration

For the past thirty-two years, Joseph L. Roche, the principal of The Roche Associates, has planned, directed, created, controlled, managed and evaluated marketing campaigns. From writing the initial plan, to creating marketing concepts and ads, to training marketing and sales personnel, to preparing and managing marketing budgets, to overseeing the direct mail, to designing effective, unique educational and sales traffic programs, to overseeing special events which draw several hundred participants, Joseph L. Roche gets directly involved in each and every step of the marketing and sales process for accounts which he supervises. In fact, Joseph L. Roche has organized, structured, managed, and implemented over 850 distinct marketing and sales campaigns for a variety of products and services in the private and public sector over the past 36 years.

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We achieve astonishing results in every kind of economic climate, including filling communities at up to twice the national average fill-up rate.

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